Plastmasės gaminiai
UAB "Plamega" has 27 injection moulding machines with closing force of 32 to 1255 tons, and cast parts of up to 6 kg of weight. Widely distributed materials are used: PP, PS, PE, PC, PA, POM, ABS, HDPE, SAN, LPDE, GPPS and others.
Most of the moulds used in the company are owned by the customers. UAB "Plamega" is responsible for their proper operation, maintenance, can repair them in the company's equipment and facilities repair shop.
On customer's request we mediate in mould ordering. Extensive network of partners in Europe and Asia allows us to offer very favourable mould manufacturing costs.

UAB "Plamega" offers:

  • Moulding of plastic products;
  • Mould production;
  • Mould maintenance and repair.

The company also operates a modern plastic products coating line.